Poster Presentation The Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association 2013

Lifestyle modification and its effects of on metabolic parameters in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in a tertiary care hospital in Bangladesh (#208)

Samira Humaira Habib 1
  1. Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Introduction: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a rapidly growing chronic health problem, and the accompanying long-term microvascular and macrovascular complications cause significant morbidity and mortality in patients with diabetes. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of a 6-month intensive lifestyle modification intervention on metabolic parameters and relationship with cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Materials and Methods: One hundred and twenty two patients were analyzed in this study. Of them 63 were control and 59 were study subjects (Intervention group). It was a cross-sectional study and retrospective in was collected from BIRDEM Hospital in Bangladesh. Results: Lifestyle modification intervention group patients showed a significant reduction in HbA1c, fasting blood glucose, and 2h PPG after 6 months. Differences between groups in changes of fasting serum glucose, fasting serum glucose after 30 minutes, 2h ABF, and HbA1c were also significant at 3 months. For total cholesterol, HDL-C, LDL-C, serum triglyceride concentrations and HOMAIR, the differences in changes between the intervention and control groups from baseline to the end of the study were small and not statistically significant. Conclusions: In conclusion, a 6-month lifestyle modification intervention in Bangladeshi type 2 diabetic patients resulted in improved glycemic control and early prevention of diabetes.