Oral Presentation The Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association 2013

How the new Australian Dietary Guidelines apply to people with diabetes (#57)

Kate Marsh 1
  1. Dietitian/Diabetes Educator - Private Practice, Chatswood, NSW, Australia

The new Australian Dietary Guidelines1 were released in February this year, after a three year review and development process.  They are intendedfor use by health professionals, policy makers, educators, researchers and the food industry, to help Australians make healthy food choices.  The new guidelines reflect the best available scientific evidence around nutrition and health based on an analysis of over 55000 research publications.  They provide up-to-date advice on the types and amounts of foods we need to eat for good health and are focused both on meeting nutritional needs and reducing the risk of chronic disease.  Previous guidelines were published in 2003 and further research since this time has strengthened the evidence for what we should be eating and not eating for optimal health and wellbeing.

The guidelines are relevant to all healthy Australians, including those with common nutrition-related risk factors, and the main recommendations in the guidelines are similar to the current dietary recommendations for those with diabetes and those at risk.  However most people with diabetes will still need individualised advice from a diabetes health professional, relevant to their specific needs.

This presentation will:

* highlight why we need dietary guidelines,

* provide an overview of the new Australian Dietary Guidelines and Australian Guide to Healthy Eating,

* explain the key changes from the previous guidelines,

* discuss how the guidelines are relevant to individuals with diabetes, and

* showcase the range of health professional and consumer resources available  

  1. National Health and Medical Research Council (2013) Australian Dietary Guidelines. Canberra: National Health and Medical Research Council